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About the Centre for Social Innovation

The Centre for Social Innovation is a social enterprise with a mission to catalyze social innovation in Toronto and around the world. We believe that society is facing unprecedented economic, environmental, social and cultural challenges. We also believe that new innovations are the key to turning these challenges into opportunities to improve our communities and our planet.

We're a coworking space, community, and launchpad for people who are changing the world, with four locations in Toronto and a location in New York City. We provide our members with the tools they need to accelerate their success and amplify their impact. Together, we’re building a movement of nonprofits, for-profits, entrepreneurs, artists, and activists working across sectors to create a better world.

CSI CEO Tonya Surman sits down for a conversation about how to move the field of social innovation forward. Is it time to think more like a movement?

What is Social Innovation?

At its most simple, a social innovation is a new idea that has been put into practice for the public good.

Our Story

In 2004 a small group of social entrepreneurs came together to conceive and create a new way of working within the social mission sector.

Our Theory of Change

Since we first opened our doors, we’ve learned a few things about how social innovation occurs and how we can facilitate its emergence.

Staff & Board

The Centre for Social Innovation is lead by a small but dedicated group of people committed to social change.


Our success would not have been possible without the support of an incredible cast of angels, mentors and colleagues.

CSI in the News

Every once in a while, we manage to get an article written about our work and our impact.