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The success of the Centre for Social Innovation would not have been possible without its advocates. Each of the following partners has played a vital role in helping the Centre for Social Innovation to scale a good idea into a sustainable social enterprise that supports the work of over 350 social mission organizations.

Urbanspace Property Group

Urbanspace Property Group is a founder, a funder and a strategic partner in CSI. Margie Zeidler, President of Urbanspace, has played an instrumental role in conceptualizing, designing and co-creating the Centre for Social Innovation. Urbanspace continues as a strategic partner and exemplar of shared values and shared vision.

Harbinger Foundation

Harbinger Foundation took an early risk on the Centre for Social Innovation by committing three years of funding to support management salaries at a time when the CSI was just opening its doors. This long term support has been instrumental to the growth of the Centre. Harbinger Foundation funding demonstrates how powerful and effective long-term core funding can be to the success of a nonprofit organization.

Ontario Trillium Foundation

Ontario Trillium Foundation has backed CSI by providing grants for staff salaries, programming and infrastructure. As a leading funder and champion of social good throughout the province of Ontario, the support and recognition of the Ontario Trillium Foundation has been as valuable to CSI as the grant money itself.

Canadian Alternative Investment Cooperative

Canadian Alternative Investment Cooperative provided the financing that enabled CSI to triple the size of its operations in 2007, and came through with an additional contribution to support the purchase of CSI Annex. In a city and country where too few financing options are available for social enterprises, CAIC has shown faith in our business model and demonstrated that wise investment produces both social and financial returns. Our hats are off to this trailblazing institution.

Alterna Savings

Alterna Savings is the Centre for Social Innovation’s credit union and came through for us at a critical juncture in our growth with a line of credit that has enabled cash flow for our expansion. They also stepped forward to become our first major sponsor by underwriting the magnificent Alterna Savings Boardroom, a fine example of nonprofit/for-profit partnerships. More recently, Alterna Savings has come through once again by holding the mortgage for our newest adventure: CSI Annex.

Toronto Community Foundation

Toronto Community Foundation celebrates and supports Toronto’s social mission community. TCF recognized the Centre for Social Innovation as one of the city’s Vital Ideas for 2007, awarding a $20,000 grant to support our overall communications work.

Heritage Canada

Heritage Canada has supported the Centre for Social Innovation since its very beginning, playing an important role in the initial vision and plan for our creation. Heritage Canada has since provided funding for research and writing work that has been critical to the Centre’s growth, and has stepped forward to help make space available within the Centre for cultural and youth-serving agencies.