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The Constellation Model of Collaborative Social Change

As many of you will know, I am a governance geek... I am particularly interested in how groups figure out ways to work together in new an innovative ways. Recently, an article about the constellation governance model that I was involved in developing, was published in 'Social Space' a publication of the Lien Center for Social Innovation in Singapore. Here is the link to the article....

At CSI I am now working with a number of groups to explore how to adapt the constellation model for other groups. We are modelling the Ontario Nonprofit Network around the model... this has been amazing to watch how the model needs to evolve and adapt to meet the needs of a 'network of networks' instead of a true 'partnership' as was the case with CPCHE.

Now, CSI is looking at how the constellation model informs our own tenant and community engagement. With a renewed focus on self-organization and community engagement, we are exploring the re-invention of our staffing, governance, tenant engagement and broader community engagement. This will be a fascinating process to be exploring over the next year.... hope that you enjoy watching the process...







Excellent work Tanya! I'm

Excellent work Tanya! I'm starting to investigate how MESH Thunder Bay ( ) might use this model and will be trying to connect with you this week!




We're working a lot around the same issues, it would be wonderful to have a quick chat about what we're doing and see where we can help each other out and innovate further.

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