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From CSI Starrett-Lehigh: Thank you New York!

2013 has been a wild ride. One year ago, we had just opened a pop-up space in suite 325 in the Starrett-Lehigh building in NYC, and we were starting to host a few events. We were working day and night to make CSI Starrett-Lehigh a success but some pressing questions hung over our heads: Would we secure the resources we needed to operate? Would the construction go according to plan? Would the design vision come together? And, most of all: Would anyone actually join?!

Fast forward to today: We operate a beautiful space, we’ve built an extraordinary team, and we’ve started to create a name for ourselves across the city. Most importantly, you came! We now have 150 outstanding member organizations and projects.

We are so honored to host you and to build this community together. We are so deeply appreciative that you have taken a chance – that you have seen in our model the potential to realize your own vision. Our team continues to be inspired beyond words. The passion, vision, and capability of this community blows our minds every single day.

You are on the vanguard of a movement that is redefining the world. And every day, at CSI and in all our work, we are proving that we can do more together than we ever could alone.

Know that we are committed to you and to doing even more to support your work in the years ahead. The Centre for Social Innovation in New York City is just beginning. We will continue to focus all of our energy on making our space and programs the most amazing in the world.

Thank you for all your incredible support in 2013. We hope you found time this holiday season to rest, relax, and reflect. We hope you found time to connect with friends and family – and yourself.

We wish each and every one of you the very best for 2014. May your impact be greater than ever before!


Eli Malinsky
Executive Director of CSI Starrett-Lehigh

On behalf of a passionate team in NYC, Toronto, and all points in between, who are working their hearts out to support this community.


Insight into social innovation processes and mechanisms

Good day

My name is Edzai Zvobwo. I am a math entrepreneur based in South Africa. I would like to learn more about social innovation and how you are doing it on your side. It would be a pleasure if I can visit and see your modus operandi so that I can implement something here in Africa.

I hope to hear from you soon. My website is

You're welcome to come visit

Hello Edzai,

You're welcome to come visit anytime. You can email me to set up a tour Also check out our publications. We've open sourced our model.


All the best.

Thank YOU!

We are thrilled to have CSI Starrett-Lehigh as part of the tenant community. Thank you for everything you do and for making a real difference. Here's to an incredible 2014!