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Announcing the recipients of the Ontario Catapult Microloan Fund


Centre for Social Innovation

See the growing list of recipients of the Ontario Catapult Microloan Fund—an initiative of the Centre for Social Innovation, the Province of Ontario, Alterna Savings, Microsoft Canada, TD Bank Group, KPMG, and Social Capital Partners. The Ontario Catapult Microloan Fund enables social entrepreneurs and innovators to turn their ideas into world-changing impact by supporting promising social enterprises with access to capital and CSI’s existing programming and services.

Applications for funding are now open! Learn more here.



Textbooks for Change

Textbooks for Change is a social venture and B Corp that provides affordable and accessible educational materials to students both locally and abroad. They repurpose used textbooks to create social impact and improve the educational landscape for students around the world by: Donating thousands of post-secondary textbooks to African universities annually; Selling affordable used textbooks to North American students and using proceeds to help fund student-led impact initiatives; and, Diverting thousands of textbooks from landfills by recycling them efficiently. For every textbook donated, you positively impact students around the world. Book by Book. Learn more



ZooShare is building North America’s 1st zoo-based biogas plant. Each year, it will recycle 3,000 tonnes of animal manure from the Toronto Zoo and 14,000 tonnes of inedible food waste from local grocery stores into renewable power for the Ontario grid. This process will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by the equivalent of removing 2,100 cars from the road, and will return valuable nutrients to the soil in the form of a high-quality fertilizer. The plant is expected to generate revenues of $1.3 million each year from “waste,” and its construction is partly funded by citizen investors in the ZooShare bond, earning a return of 7% each year for 7 years. Learn more


Fresh City Farms

Fresh City Farms strives to play a role in challenging the status quo. We want to re-connect people with the rhythm of farming by re-introducing it to their daily lives. For most of us today, farming is an invisible activity.  Many of us have lost all contact with the very activity that 10,000 years ago set our species off on our present course. By cultivating delicious food right around your corner and partnering with other quality local artisans, we aim to provide you with a food experience that respects our bodies, our planet and our shared tomorrow. We deliver local, organic food right to your door. 



Peekapak is a unique start-up, offering an educational learning experience that combines creativity, crafts and storytelling. Through its products, Peekapak aims to inspire children to be more inquisitive and creative thinkers, to help build the next generation of bold and innovative change makers. Peekapak introduced its hands-on monthly subscription box, sold through its ecommerce website (, offering parents a convenient way to spend quality time with their 3-7 year olds, while educating and developing their creativity.

 Survey Graph

Survey Graph

Unlike traditional survey tools that require people to spend days designing questionnaires, engaging participants, and analyzing data, Survey Graph is the next generation of survey tools that automates the entire process. Even if users have little to no research experience, Survey Graph makes it easy for them to setup sophisticated monitoring and reporting systems. As a platform to build market-focused research products, Survey Graph is now rolling-out research products for program monitoring and evaluation, social enterprises, customer satisfaction, personal development, and many more.


Twenty One Toys

Twenty One Toys creates toys and workshops that bring 21st-century skills- innovation, creativity, collaboration, and problem solving. We believe toys can do serious things, and that they are underused tools in the classroom, the boardroom, and beyond. Our guiding principle is that play is a unique medium to foster abstract thinking, advance difficult conversations, honour diversity, and encourage positive risk-taking.



In the context of unrelenting change, GrantBook equips grantmakers with the skills, tools and mindset to maximize the net-value of their grants for the benefit of the social sector. Because we have philanthropic sector knowledge and technical skills, we are able to optimize grantmaking systems through process improvements and technology solutions.


IRBE’s Toronto Tool Library

The Toronto Tool Library: Makerspace is a dynamic community hub offering a wide range of tools for loan, an on-site Makerspace and wood-working facility, and education for youth and adults in Toronto’s east side. Run by the folks at the Institute for a Resource-Based Economy (, this new project offers members an affordable opportunity to access the tools and skills necessary to beautify their homes, collaborate on projects and reduce their environmental impact by participating in the sharing economy. Funds from the CSI Catapult program will be used to complete the renovations, purchase equipment and pay for expenses to manage and promote the facility.

The Hammer Active Alternative Transportation (THAAT)

THAAT specializes in human-powered, sustainable, emissions-free deliveries between local businesses in Hamilton, Ontario. We partner with businesses large and small to take care of their smaller local delivery needs so they don't have to deal with the challenges of cargo vans and conventional straight trucks.THAAT Co-op is founded on the premise that business can be part of the solution when it comes to the health of our communities, our economies, and the environment. Our mission is to provide an alternative urban transportation model that addresses a number of major urban transportation and livable cities challenges.



Read the blog post on the first round event.

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