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New York City

Above all Be Human

Leaders come in many different sizes, shapes, genders and colours. There is no perfect leader and there is no magical formula that will ever be able to create a perfect leader. However, leaders do share many of the same qualities, they are individuals who put others first. They are those who speak up when they need to, but are happy just to sit and listen. Leaders are individuals who want to create a positive impact, not for glory sake, but because they believe in positive change. Leaders are able to learn from their mistakes and are able to forgive others for theirs.

Help Us Create the Ultimate Support Tool for People with Special Needs!

Imagine if after high school, your social and educational life abruptly came to an end. Imagine how trapped, lonely and helpless you would feel.

There are 200 million people living with special needs worldwide. Every one of them faces a future of boredom, isolation and dependency because there are few resources and opportunities for them after graduation. 

What's old is new again: Moneypools

Great article from the PopTech gang on MoneyPools, entitled A centuries-old savings tool is reinvented and revamped.

It's (apparently) a century old strategy for saving money among a group of people. Two guys are creating an online version of the concept. 


A centuries-old savings tool is reinvented and revamped


Think #charity begins at 50? Codswallop!


Latest article on Forbes on why ANYONE can be a philanthropist.


It's always about QUALITY.

Many of you believe that leadership is something beyond you and that the title of leader is unattainable, because it is reserved for the select few who have committed to acts that have changed the world.

MakeImpactNYC Conference: Do Good in Your 'Hood

January 16, 2014 - 8:30am - 8:30pm
Fordham University-Lincoln Center Campus

First-of-its-Kind Social Entrepreneurship Conference & "Battle of the Boros" Pitch for Impact Event in New York City featuring Entrepreneurs, Innovators,Disruptors, Changemakers, and Local Leaders who are building the local social impact economy. 

You Loving You.

Confidence = You Loving You.

ThatMatters Web Series #1 with Good Business New York

Come listen online @goodB on Twitter as NYC social entrepreneurs highlight their staying power and how they started. The Center for Social Innovation and Good Business New York have partnered with Shane Snipes to create this special weekly series through 2013. The quick 3-5 videos promise to be fun and informative. 

Your Leadership Shoes

As a leader, your leadership shoes are unlike any pair you have ever had.

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