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Every innovator relies on a network of support and inspiration, and the Centre for Social Innovation is no different! We’re proud to call the following organizations our friends and allies, and we’re working with them to make a difference in our communities and across the world.

Urbanspace Property Group

Urbanspace Property Group is a founder and strategic partner in the Centre for Social Innovation. More than this, Urbanspace is an inspiration for CSI and for property developers worldwide, by proving that it is possible to operate a successful business while keeping environmental, cultural and social needs at the forefront.

Enterprising Non-Profits

Enterprising Non-Profits is a micro-granting program based in British Columbia, Canada, which demonstrates that seed funding can spur nonprofit organizations to become sustainable and resilient. We love what they’re doing so much that we've brought the program to Toronto.

The Hub Network

The Hub Network has pioneered shared spaces for social innovators since their start in 2004. CSI is impressed by their vibe and their vision and has become a member in this international network of shared workspaces that includes London, San Francisco, Melbourne, Johannesburg, Sao Paulo, Amsterdam,  Brussels and more to come!

Social Innovation Exchange (SIX)

The UK social mission sector is trailblazing in the fields of social enterprise and social innovation. One need only look to the Young Foundation and the Social Innovation Exchange to see true leadership and depth of knowledge. The Young Foundation pushes the boundaries of thinking around social innovation and has produced a number of probing publications and programs. The Social Innovation Exchange is a recent initiative to forward global thinking around social innovation. CSI is thrilled to be a part of the network.

Social Enterprise Council

A small number of funders and practitioners from across Canada are actively working on improving prospects for the further growth of social enterprise. We're concentrating on three areas: public policy (procurement, access to capital and legal frameworks), shared learning and best practices (conferences and forums), and research and promotion (mapping, web sites and newsletters).


We’ve forged strong ties with Ashoka Canada, who plugged us in to the work of Ashoka fellows and the global Ashoka network. Our very own Tonya Surman was named an Ashoka Fellow in 2009. In recognition of the inventiveness and impact of Ashoka Fellows, we provide free work space to traveling Ashoka Fellows whenever they visit Toronto.

The Nonprofit Centers Network

The US-based Nonprofit Centers Network is a leading source of information and expertise on the collocation movement. We are proud members and contributors to the network and encourage anyone interested in creating a collocation centre to check out their resources.

The Melting Pot

The Melting Pot is a co-working space in Edinburgh, Scotland that has recently opened its doors. We are fans of their approach and have provided insight and ideas from our experience to help them succeed.

La Ruche

La Ruche (The Beehive) is a co-working space in development in Paris, France. Led by Charlotte Hochman and her intrepid team of local innovators, they’re building a community space for innovative Parisiennes and we wish them great success in their upcoming launch.

The Gladstone Hotel

The Gladstone Hotel is a unique urban space providing travelers and Torontonians with an authentic experience of creative culture. We encourage visitors to our city to stay at the Gladstone while they are here. Mention that you’re a CSI member and they’ll cut you a deal.

Toronto Atmospheric Fund

The Toronto Atmospheric Fund works to reduce the causes of climate change and to promote environmental sustainability across the city. Their mandate is exceptional; even better is their inventiveness and their inexhaustable commitment to finding new ways to make a substantial difference in Toronto.

The Ontario Trillium Foundation

The Ontario Trillium Foundation has been CSI's most essential funder. Trillium gave CSI one of it's very first grants to help grow the CSI Team, and has since been instrumental in the start-up of each new space by providing essential support for equipment, furniture and furnishings.