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Eli Malinsky

Eli Malinsky

Centre for Social Innovation

I've been working at the Centre for Social Innovation since 2005 - I am a Lifer! I have variously been Director of Operations, Director of Programs and Director of Strategy & Partnerships. Now I am Executive Director of our NYC operations. Previously, I worked in the Research Department of Imagine Canada. I have a master's degree in Communication and Cultural Studies. My research explored the relationship among technology, organizational culture and organizational structure within civil society. I have a long-standing interest in the "history and philosophy" of technology though I am generally quite a late adopter! (first cell phone = 2009) I play floor hockey (can't skate!) and ultimate frisbee...and poker... I love the idea of reading but I never seem to do it...

Why I do what I do:

I used to work in marketing, then did the "travel the world thing" for a while. When I came back, I knew I wanted to devote my energy to "something good". But I never felt really passionate about a specific cause. I remember learning the term 'civil society' and being quite entranced. I love the idea that there is a space outside of government and the private sector where people can gather to solve challenges. The creativity and energy that is emerging from this space right now is totally exciting, and I'm thrilled to contribute myself to its development . More concretely, I love dynamic and challenging work, and being at the Centre for Social Innovation is a perfect landing spot for me. I like getting my nose into all different components of our organization (budgets, programming, operations, strategy, etc.) and I have the chance to pursue my own interests under the CSI's ample umbrella. I do what I do because I find it meaningful, rewarding, engaging and - despite outward appearance - a hell of a lot of fun!


  • Cooking
  • Cities
  • Travel

Skills to

  • Budget Basics
  • Project Strategy
  • Thinking about stuff