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QoC Health Inc.

QoC Health Inc.

Patient Centred Innovation

QoC Health is a Patient Centred Healthcare technology company. Our goal is to leverage emerging technologies to improve the relationship between patients and care providers by enabling patients to more easily participate in their own care. We also strive to provide easier access to circles of family, peer and social supports for improved patient outcomes and reduced readmissions. The principle QoC (Quality of Care) product is our Cloud Connect healthcare web services platform. Our Cloud Connect web services platform allows companies to rapidly deploy unique healthcare solutions across various types of health care scenarios, including post 30 day discharge quality of recovery monitoring, healthcare research applications, patient decision aids and portal applications. Designed to take the complexity out of designing and deploying cloud based, compliant, fully connected, technology solutions, our platform helps accelerate next generation healthcare solutions into the hands of patients right across Canada.


Information Technology Support, Software Development, Web Development/Programming, Research, Quality Improvement


Healthcare API and Webservices, Healthcare Decision Aid Tools, Healthcare Patient, Caregiver, Careprovider Portals, Mobile Healthcare Solutions

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