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Shared space forms the bedrock of our model. Being physically together is what sets the conditions for new relationships, new projects, and unexpected outcomes.

Space to Work

The Centre for Social Innovation provides a variety of workspaces for socially charged projects, including private offices, private desks, and Hot Desks.

Our Approach

Space alone is simply…space. What turns our space into a dynamic community hub and catalyst is the unique approach we’ve been developing since 2004.

Shared Spaces for Social Innovation

The Centre for Social Innovation is internationally recognized as a leader in the creation of shared spaces for social innovation. We’ve open-sourced our model to help you along!

Global Coworking Partners

Coworking is about much more than sharing space. It’s about meeting people, co-creating and elevating our work. Now whether vacationing, working or workationing, you can make use of these other great coworking spaces and meet their amazing members. CSI members can work out of any of our three CSI Toronto locations and our NYC location, as well as the many spaces around the world.