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The Party to End All Parties @ CSI Annex

May 28, 2010 - 8:00pm - May 29, 2010 - 2:00am

By now you've likely heard the oft-quoted Mayan decree predicting the end of the world on Dec. 12, 2012. But don't let those party-pooping Mayans bum you out - we've got some news that will help keep those apocalyptic blues at bay.

You've probably also heard that CSI is expanding into a new location in the Annex, at 720 Bathurst. We're dying to show you this incredible space, so we're throwing our biggest party ever on Friday, May 28, at the new location (please note, this is a pre-renovation party).  

The theme of the night is building: building a building, building networks, building relationships, building... things.   There'll be great DJs, dancing (maybe even a dance-off or two), superfun (yes, that's a word) activities, and lots of ultrahip, nerdy innovators to mingle and party with. We're inviting the whole city to experience what CSI is all about, so bring all your worldchanging friends.   

Admission to the party is just $5 in advance for CSI members and $8 for the general public. Save $1 on your ticket by buying before May 14!

Wait until the last minute at your peril: space is limited and even if we don't sell out, you'll have to pay more at the door to get in. So buy your ticket today and come celebrate the end of the world - and our new beginning - with us.   And if the world is going to end, then you want to go down swinging, don't you?

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