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The Future of Capitalism in Five Minutes

Thanks to CSI Member Phillip Stern (Stern Thinking) for sharing this article from C-Net. There has been a lot of talk, theorizing and writing about the future of capitalism - and how the current economic crisis is forcing us to rethink some basic precepts and imagine a future alternative. The article does a good job of neatly summarizing a few threads in the conversation, tracing new ideas from the Pope to Procter & Gamble... 

and so the ideas are reaching into communities...

Last month we had the pleasure of entertaining guests from Kentucky... and now they are causing all sorts of great things to happen.... Check out this article about how CSI is inspiring others to share for social innovation... this time in Kentucky!


A meeting of social innovation minds in Lisbon

What a delight to be a part of the Lisbon Social Innovation Exchange Summer School.  Over 130 social innovation thought leaders from 24 countries came together in Lisbon to explore the growing field of social innovation. The conversations were dazzling… truly the highlight were the people. For me it was deeply stimulating to be able to talk to people as driven to explore and push the boundaries in this field.

CSI is helping to 'fix our future' by joining a global campaign to move to social innovation

On July 16, in Lisbon, over 130 leaders in social innovation from 24 countries have come together to call for a new vision of our future. Fixing Out Future lays out a manifesto and sets out principles that should guide global recovery plans and policies that embody social innovation.

Here are the highlights... European focus but you get the point.


CSI Seeks Director of Social Enterprise

The Centre for Social Innovation is hiring a Director of Social Enterprise! This new senior staff person will take responsibility for delivery of the Enterprising Non-Profits program and for building a program of social enterprise supports for Toronto and Ontario. It starts as a part-time position, but the right person - i.e., an entrepreneur! - will easily turn this into a full-time opportunity over time.

See below for more information:

Do-gooders can earn a good living Social entrepreneurs say road to success is full of speed bumps

Article in the National Post by Nicole Kallmeyer about Social Enterprise yesterday. Coverage of Turnaround Courier, Atira Property, Inner City Renovations, Causeway, Poverty Reduction Strategy, Social Capital Partners and the Social Enterprise Council of Canada.

Pretty straight forward article... great to have the Post cover social enterprise. Read the full article.

Applying Metrics to Social Innovation: Clayton Christensen's commentary on the Obama's Office of Social Innovation

Clayton Christensen of the Harvard Business School, writes a fascinating article in the Huffington Post - The White House Office on Social Innovation: A New Paradigm for Solving Social Problems.  In the article he argues that the key to supporting social innovation is with a keen focus on metrics.

School for Social Entrepeneurs in Ontario? Seeking Consultant for Feasibility Study

The School For Social Entrepreneurs has been making waves for years in the UK, and the SSE is now exploring new sites and hosts for their incredible program. Rumour has it that an Australian SSE is next on the list, and SiG@MaRS has just secured funding to explore the possibility of an Ontario-based program

All we need now is the right consultant for the job. Click here for the RFP.

Ontario Nonprofit Network gets great review on Charity Village

Great article about one of CSI's incubated projects, the ONN - Ontario Nonprofit Network, by Elisa Birnbaum.... is starts.... Last month, a group of committed folk came together for the second annual Ontario Nonprofit Network (ONN) forum. Representing the diverse interests, concerns, and hopes of the Ontario nonprofit sector, it was apparent the 100-or-so attendees were ready to get down to business. Titled Our Sector, Our Vision: Shaping a cross-sectoral strategy, the event was unprecedented and opportune.

Field Trip! Visiting The Melting Pot in Edinburgh

Last week I had the pleasure of a part-work part-vacation visit to London and Scotland. The main purpose of the trip was to check out Social Innovation Camp in Glasgow...but more on that soon.

Bestseller Bootcamp and Rebecca Doll comment on CSI

There is nothing better than when your own tenants are able to capture and communicate the magic which is the Centre for Social Innovation. As Rebecca Doll, founder of Bestseller Bootcamp, describes in her blog, CSI is working hard to create the conditions for social innovation emergence.

CSI is hiring a Control Freak for Social Change

Job Opportunity – Program Manager (AKA – Control Freak for Social Change)

CSI is seeking an extraordinary individual - part left brain, part right brain, part project manager, part entrepreneur and part mother Theresa. We have insanely high expectations and are only interested in working with the cream of the crop world-changers. Control freakish, action-focused, charming, professional and crystal clear... is it really so much to ask?