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It was worth the wait. Right?!

At long last, the Centre for Social Innovation has a brochure. A real, honest-to-goodness promotional brochure!

The back-story is that we have started and stopped a brochure about a dozen times since opening our doors. We'd get half-way through its structure and decide it wasn't working. Or we'd write 80% of the content and then decide the tone just wasn't suitable. Or that the design didn't feel right. And in the meanwhile, visitors kept asking if we "had anything" they could take away to understand more about what we do.

Mandatory Green Roofs for All Types of New Buildings in Toronto!

Woot! Did you hear?


Toronto City Council Adopts Mandatory Green Roof Requirements

Toronto leads North America by requiring green roofs on new buildings!

Save the Date - November 18-20 - Canadian Conference on Social Enterprise

Living Our Values: Social Enterprise in Action


Join hundreds of existing and prospective social enterprise operators from every region in Canada at the Third Canadian Conference on Social Enterprise taking place in Toronto, November 18-20, 2009.

The conference will consist of three days of training and work sessions toward a national policy agenda and action plan.

DAY 1:

Intensive training sessions geared to your stage of planning, development or growth.


Toronto’s Centre for Social Innovation wins national City Innovation Award

Toronto’s Centre for Social Innovation wins national City Innovation Award

For Immediate Release: May 21, 2009

Toronto, Ontario  –   When dozens of organizations dedicated to social change operate 150 innovative projects under one roof in Toronto, it draws the attention of people from around the world and garners the Canadian Urban Institute’s 2009 Universal City Award to be bestowed on the Centre for Social Innovation on June 5 at the Urban Leadership Awards in Toronto.

SE Series: The What and Where of Social Enterprise in Canada

Since opening in 2004, the Centre for Social Innovation has focused on catalyzing, supporting and inspiring social innovation. There is no doubt in my mind that social enterprise and social finance fall squarely within this realm.

$348.9 Million for Ontario in Support Through New Community Adjustment Fund

Fascinating news from the Harper government as they act to support of nonprofits and municipalities in the hardest hit communities. Still have some major concerns about the lack of vision for how these communities are going to transform their economies and the continued neglect of our cities. This is a 'stop the bleeding' strategy... hopefully only the start of a conversation.


Does the failure of the BC-STV referendum signal the death of voting reform in Canada?

The Single Transferable Vote is dead. Muerte. Kaput. Voters in BC resoundingly rejected it, with over 60% of them responding 'no' to voting reform in the recent referendum.

That's two voting reform defeats in a row in British Columbia; coupled with the recent defeat of Mixed Member Proportional in Ontario, one could surmise that another voting reform proposal won't be showing up any time soon, on either the federal or provincial level.

Government spending on UK charities at record high

Take a look at what the UK is doing for their nonprofit sector... hhmm... fascinating...

Obama launches Social Innovation Fund

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                             May 5, 2009

What is a social mission and who gets to decide?

Today I learned that wikimedia has been denied charitable status in the UK. Andrew Turvey explains here. I have also recently learned that the CRA Charities Dept has anulled the charitable status of Phoenix Community Foundation. They 'anulled' it claiming that the objects granted to Phoenix should never have been granted after being in operation for 30 years.

Our very own Eli Malinsky takes on diesel trains with The Clean Train Coalition

Well well well... Eli Malinsky is becoming an activist! Yeah! Check out the great article in the Toronto Star today. And what a great cause!!!

What I love about the Clean Train Coalition is that they are about a solution.... they are not the typical NIMBY's... but rather, they are advocating for a clean solution - ulitmately for all of us.... clean electric trains instead of polluting trains on the GO line. Well, now there is a double win.