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Create framework for social business

Muhammad Yunis is working to support social enterprise....Read about it in the Daily....

Help create an enabling environment for social enterprise in Canada

The Canadian Conference on Social Enterprise is fast approaching and we hope that many of you will be able to join us on Nov 18-20. In preparation and for those that are unable to attend, we want to invite you to have your input into the crafting of a National Policy Agenda for Social Enterprise.


Entrepeneur Advisory Roundtable - For Green/Sustainable Businesses

In partnership with Green Enterprise Toronto, CSI is pleased to introduce the Entrepreneur Advisory Roundtable! Over the past few years CSI has been exploring the 'green/sustainable business' terrain.

Pitch your Social Enterprise Idea: Social Enterprise Angels @ the Third Canadian Conference on Social Enterprise

As part of the Third Canadian Conference on Social Enterprise, three lucky (and compelling) social entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to pitch their new or existing social enterprise models to a panel of judges ("angels") in pursuit of a $30,000 investment. Do you have an idea to pitch? Read the attached document and submit your Letter of Intent before the deadline...

The Finishing Touches

Has the couch been ordered? Did the plumber fix the pipe behind the coffee maker? Is the white board paint here? To anyone outside of CSI, the answers to these questions won't seem critical, but to us, they are of the utmost importance. The answers represent the finishing touches to Suite 160, CSI's third space in the Robertson Building at 215 Spadina. Finishing touches I felt pretty darn excited about.

Drupal Developers Wanted

We're looking for Drupal developers to help lead the redevelopment of our website - if you are an experienced Drupal programmer/developer, please click here for more information.

CSI Launchs ENP (ASAP)

In the spirit of building Toronto's social enterprise sector (and of celebrating acronyms), CSI is thrilled to confirm the launch of Enterprising Non-Profits Toronto 2009! After an incredibly succesful 2008 pilot program, we are back once again with the support of our funding partners.

ENP-Toronto provides social enterprise training and grants of up to $10,000 to nonprofit organizations in the Greater Toronto Area. To learn more, visit Thanks to the 2009 partners:

Have your say on CSI promo items!

The Centre for Social Innovation is looking into getting new promotional items, but didn't want to settle on the ol' pen. So we created a list of possible promo items with some of our tenants and created a survey to get people's votes on which one they wanted the most! We are now opening it up to the public as well to get their votes on what they'd like to see.

Infrastructure Stimulus Fund - Not-for-Profit intake launched

The Government of Ontario in partnership with the Government of Canada is pleased to announce the launch of the Infrastructure Stimulus Fund - Not-for-Profit Organizations Intake.

Projects that are eligible include art galleries, libraries, museums, performing arts centres (for the creation or presentation of the arts) and projects that preserve or enhance heritage structures. Multi-purpose community centres with an arts component are also eligible.

Required Reading for Social Innovators

If you are interested/into social change, here are some readings you should check out.  You may want to start with this recent video:

Have any other good links to share? Post them below!

The Future of Capitalism in Five Minutes

Thanks to CSI Member Phillip Stern (Stern Thinking) for sharing this article from C-Net. There has been a lot of talk, theorizing and writing about the future of capitalism - and how the current economic crisis is forcing us to rethink some basic precepts and imagine a future alternative. The article does a good job of neatly summarizing a few threads in the conversation, tracing new ideas from the Pope to Procter & Gamble...