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Social Innovation Blog

Four lessons in international development from CSI members

By Jordan Phoenix

You've likely heard the proverb before: give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

Warning labels on gas pumps: It may be coming to West Vancouver

NEWS UPDATE: Check out the coverage on Global News, Grade 10 student pitches global warming warning on gas nozzles (VIDEO)

By Robert Shirkey, Executive Director of Our Horizon and a member of CSI

“My name is Emily Kelsall and I am a teenager who is scared for my future.”

Should non-profits be taxed for generating 'intentional profit'?

By Stacey Corriveau, BC Centre for Social Enterprise

It can be argued that non-profits face greater financial challenges than their charity cousins. 

Unlike registered charities, non-profits are not 'qualified donees' under the Income Tax Act definition. This means that they are not permitted to receive grants and donations from registered charities and foundations. Therefore, their access to grants is notably limited, as compared to charities.

Four CSI members listed on 2014 GOOD 100!

Wow. On April 1st, GOOD Magazine announced their fourth annual GOOD 100 list to the world. Among this list of inspiring changemakers and impact entrepreneurs, GOOD Magazine identified four members of the Centre for Social Innovation as individuals who "capture what it means to be a global citizen in 2014." This is no April Fools joke, folks!

Kids become creators, teachers, and animators!

By Ted Killin, CSI Reporter

Like never before, children and young adults are making their voices heard and offering their own solutions to the problems we face. Several organizations in Toronto are providing a springboard for youth who are keen to help change our city for the better. Here are a few.

Madeleine Collective: Artistic leadership for kids

Don’t just say you’re making a difference, show it: Evaluation 101

By Cameron Norman

When we say we’re making a difference, changing the world, and inspiring innovation: what do we mean and how do we know it? When you’re speaking to partners, investors, clients, or community members, you need a better answer than “We just are.” Frankly, a good answer to that question helps you out just as much as everyone else. Evaluation provides a means to help you articulate what you’re doing, how well you’re doing it, and what to do next.

Two Toronto orgs using creativity to help those with mental health challenges

By Beatrice Paez, CSI Reporter

The city can be an alienating place for people with mental illness.

It's hard to talk about, it's heavily stigmatized, and for those learning to cope, it can often be overwhelming.

But, as two organizations in Toronto are proving, sometimes something as simple as a paintbrush and a safe space to use it can make a big difference.

Past collisions: Jane Jacobs’ legacy lives on at CSI

A column looking back at civic action to inspire us today.

By Jamie Bradburn

“Stupid.” “Insane.” “Anarchy.” Jane Jacobs didn’t mince words while fighting the development of urban expressways in the cities where she resided, New York and Toronto. Wielding sharp language and a mix of political and media savvy, Jacobs demonstrated that communities committed to a cause could defeat titans like New York urban planning czar Robert Moses.

Pop up markets creating more community retail opportunities

By Jordan Phoenix, CSI Reporter

New York City - For aspiring entrepreneurs and local business owners in the retail industry, opening up a brick and mortar store brings with it a considerable amount of risk. The need to accumulate a significant amount of funding and sign a long-term lease agreement can be a major barrier of entry for individuals who have an interest in testing out an idea for market feasibility. At the same time, many urban storefronts continue to sit vacant.

Equity crowdfunding prepares to disrupt U.S. markets

By Jordan Phoenix, CSI Reporter

New York City - Crowdfunding has become somewhat of a revelation for creative and business-savvy types all around the globe over the past few years. The amount of collective funds raised worldwide via crowdfunding platforms has nearly doubled year over year recently; jumping from an estimated $1.5 billion in 2011, to $2.7 billion in 2012, all the way up to $5.1 billion in 2013.

Collaborating for success. New open source tool kits from Creative Trust

By Jini Stolk, Chair of ONN and Creative Trust Research Fellow at the Toronto Arts Foundation

Tech Trends and Best Practices: Nonprofit Edition

Techsoup CanadaBy Joyce Hsu, Communications Coordinator, TechSoup Canada

Technology advances at such a rapid pace that it becomes hard for you, the hardworking nonprofit, to determine which tools are good, long lasting solutions - especially when you already don’t have the time to keep up with the latest technologies.