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Social Innovation Blog

Innovators show that learning doesn’t have to be by the book

By Lisa Ferguson, CSI Reporter

It’s that time of year when children and adults across the GTA return to the classroom. They’ll sit behind desks, get lectured to, be tested, and if all goes well, learn stuff.  But will they be engaged, and inspired? Will they acquire the skills they need to succeed in the twenty-first century? Will they have any fun? Will they, as education and creativity expert Sir Ken Robinson thinks they should, be woken up to what they have inside of themselves?

Artivism takes flight in Toronto’s densest neighbourhood

By Danny Brown

First published in OpenCity Projects, Sept. 9, 2013
STEPS is a project of the Centre for Social Innovation

A look behind the Podium

By Oliver Nassar
, Co-Founder of Podium
, and CSI Member

I always thought that a podium was something that public speakers stood behind. Nope. That's a lectern. A podium is something that they stand on. Truth be told, we didn't realize the difference until after we launched as Podium. Luckily, it would seem that most of our visitors don't quite know the difference either. No vexing emails yet (fingers crossed).

The Neuroscience of Social Innovation

By Mandy Wintink, Neuroscientist and Director of the Centre for Applied Neuroscience, and CSI Member

As a neuroscientist, I can’t help but wonder what might be going on in the brains of my socially-innovative colleagues at CSI. As a result, I have compiled some ideas about what might actually be happening in your brain...

Work in the cloud with Office 365 for Nonprofits

By Tierney Smith, Community Engagement Manager, TechSoup Canada and TechSoup Global

Is your nonprofit just starting up, and looking for a professional email? Do you work for a small charity that wants to save money on IT? Are you looking for more flexibility to work anywhere with access to all your email and files?

Toronto’s Maker Movement part of a new industrial revolution?

By Jodie Shupac, CSI Reporter
(You can read the Toronto Star version of this article , Sept. 2013)

In an unmarked upstairs lair in Kensington Market, ten or so people—men, mostly—tap on laptops in an open room or mill about a small kitchen. A passageway running through the space is lined on one side by four 3D printers and on the other, by a narrow ledge crammed with curious trinkets. 

Ontario Catapult Microloan Fund makes first round of funding!

By Jodie Shupac, CSI Reporter
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On the morning of Thursday, September 12th, fuelled by caffeine and pastries from the CSI Coffee Pub, six groups of social entrepreneurs met at CSI Annex and readied themselves for the challenge at hand: To distil their respective visions—and their business plans—for a revenue-generating social project into a crisp yet compelling 20 minute pitch, presented to both a review panel and interested members of the CSI community.

Introducing our new Director of Shared Spaces and Director of Online Services

The CSI staff team keeps growing, and we feel so privileged to add such amazing talent to our crew. It’s with great excitement that we introduce Ben Marans, Director of Shared Spaces, and Jane Zhang, Director of Online Services.

What nonprofits need to know about crowdfunding

By Christopher Charlesworth,  HiveWire and CSI Catalyst cofounder, and CSI Member

CSI in Action! The power of our community!

A few weeks back a dear friend of mine suggested that young Rachel Parent could use a little support preparing to ‘debate’ Kevin O’Leary on the topic of Genetically Modified Foods - GMO foods. Would CSI help?

Wow! A 14 year old girl taking on the likes of O’Leary would be a serious challenge. But what an incredible opportunity to both educate the world about the complex issues surrounding GMO’s and to engage the collaborative metal of CSI’s community.