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The B Corp Better Gift Guide

The B Corp community in Canada believes that where we spend our shopping dollars matters, and we're convinced that better businesses make better gifts. In an effort to help jump-start (or wrap-up) your holiday shopping this season, we've put together a collection of some of our favourite "better" businesses (see below). Some are B Corps. Others are based out of the Centre For Social Innovation in Toronto. A few others are free-agents bringing their own kind of impact to your holiday "to-do" list.

Network your network: The importance of human connections to growing your community organization

By: Rania El Mugammar - Director, Editor in Chief at SpeakSudan

SpeakSudan began around my kitchen table while eating biscuits and spiced tea. We needed something, my friends and I, something that was ours. Hailing from the Eastern part of the African continent, we grew up on stories – the story-telling and oral histories which built our civilizations. They were central in our lives, crucial to our survival and the most powerful form of commnuication we could generate from our positions as marginalized youth.

Canada’s Notoriously Good Bitcoin Future?

By Michael Cayley, Founder Cdling Capital Services, and, Vitalik Buterin, full time Bitcoin writer and developer.

The Collider, CSI's community newspaper, is out! Download your copy now

This issue of The Collider is packed full of news, articles, and announcements, from a special on education to the neuroscience of social innovation. Download your copy of The Collider.


The Collider, CSI's Community Newspaper

An empirical study of coworking performance

The attached paper is by Orly Weiser, a Ryerson MBA student who studied the impact of coworking spaces on culture/community building.

Social Enterprise World Forum 2013

For the three days at the beginning of October, Calgary was the epicenter of a global conversation as it hosted 1,500 international delegates at the Social Enterprise World Forum.  It was a supercharged atmosphere of positivity as people explored, discussed, and challenged one another on topics of social finance, Indigenous social enterprise, collaboration, policy & research, and social innovation.

A new DECA is born

By Katherine Hodgson, CSI Spadina DECA

From the first day of Desk Exchange Community Animator (DECA) orientation there is an instant feeling of inclusion and welcoming into the CSI family. Upon arrival, instead of the awkward silences, I was greeted as though this was a family reunion where second cousins you barely know greet you with warmth and affection.

What if classrooms were coworking spaces?

Educational Consultant Ryan Burwell thinks they should be - and it starts with lessons in assessment  

By Ryan Burwell, CSI Member

Innovators show that learning doesn’t have to be by the book

By Lisa Ferguson, CSI Reporter

It’s that time of year when children and adults across the GTA return to the classroom. They’ll sit behind desks, get lectured to, be tested, and if all goes well, learn stuff.  But will they be engaged, and inspired? Will they acquire the skills they need to succeed in the twenty-first century? Will they have any fun? Will they, as education and creativity expert Sir Ken Robinson thinks they should, be woken up to what they have inside of themselves?

Artivism takes flight in Toronto’s densest neighbourhood

By Danny Brown

First published in OpenCity Projects, Sept. 9, 2013
STEPS is a project of the Centre for Social Innovation

Future of Food Salons - Eat some bugs!

By Aruna Handa, founder of Alimentary Initiatives, and CSI Member