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From social finance to shared spaces to networks for social change, we want to share our best strategies and models with you. Read them, share them, use them.

All that we ask is that you send us an e-mail with feedback about how you're using this knowledge

Shared Spaces

Centre for Social Innovation Shared Spaces BooksShared workspaces are redefining how we think about work and space
The Centre for Social Innovation is internationally recognized as a leader in the creation of shared spaces for social innovation. We’ve open-sourced our model to help you along!
Discover the Shared Spaces Books

Community Bonds

Community Bonds GuideTurn your supporters into investors
The Centre for Social Innovation turned its community of supporters into investors with the Community Bond. This DIY guidebook can help you do it! Check out the Community Bonds website to read an excerpt from the book, purchase the guide and templates, find out about other community investment opportunities, and much more. 
Check out the Community Bonds Site


Network Evaluation

Centre for Social InnovationCultivating healthy networks for social change
This imaginative book explores the unique character of networks and offers a new framework for assessing their impact. It's goal: to further empower the success of networks that are making a difference. Read the Network Evaluation Book





The Collider Newspaper

The ColliderCSI's community newspaper
The Collider is the place to go to find out about what's going on in our community. You can download the inaugural Jan. 2013 issue, the April 2013 issue, the July 2013 issue, and the Winter 2013-2014 issue.


The Collider Magazine

The Collider MagazineCSI's community magazine
We took our community newspaper and turned it into a glossy magazine that champions our members and showcases social innovation in action. Read the Spring/Summer 2014 issue.


CSI You Tube It's Up to Us - CSI's video series
Our video series looks at emerging issues and trends in social innovation, and features our members doing outstanding work. Watch It's Up to Us and other videos on our You Tube channel.

CSI You Tube What the Heck is Social Innovation
Social innovation refers to the creation, development, adoption and integration of new and renewed concepts and practices that put people and the planet first. We can all be a part of the solution. Because it's up to us.