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GoodSpark Small Business Grant

Announcing that the 2022 Desjardins Good Spark Small Business Grant applications are now open! This years themes are Sustainable Development, Innovation, and Employment.

There are 150 grants of $20,000 per business available.

Must be under 50 employees, be a registered business, and meet other criteria that can be downloaded in the rules. Unfortunately it is not open to not-for-profits or organizations receiving government funding.

In order to apply you must name an active Desjardins Insurance agent on your application. For the question: Are you a member/client of Desjardins Credit Union, Desjardins Insurance or Desjardins Financial Security Independent Network? answer “yes” and use my name in the next field: Hala Nicole Zabaneh. If you have any questions please email me

The new web application is live today and will be open till the end of November. It should take about half an hour to complete. Please notify me if you have submitted an application, and I am happy to share this opportunity with the CSI Community.