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PT Digital Community Manager

Engage fans based on their values such as vegan / climate change / good local food / Made in Toronto

  • By using visuals to tell our story that will help to attract our target demographic
  • Craft social media & email newsletters
  • Respond to DMs and promote ongoing discussions on the platforms
  • Track growth and make modifications as required to increase community engagement

Skills required

  • Good Storyteller – Great eye for visuals and able to write engaging content i.e., after viewing your content, fans are likely or share the content
  • Strong capacity handling/managing social media communication
  • Ability to research relevant topics for posts and responses especially relevant and funny reels! (it’s not as easy as you’d think 🙂
  • Self organized and able to follow work plan

What will you learn?

  • Storytelling based on values alignment
  • Work closely with Marketing manager who will set the goals of each marketing campaign and you as Community Manager will be responsible for execution, analyzing results and making recommendations for the next campaign

In addition to why you’d like to work with us, please include 2-3 links to existing websites/ social media posts you’ve built. If you feel you have the skills but don’t have ideal examples, we’d still love to hear from you.


As its based on experience, do let us know your ideal rate and/or provide a fixed quote once you’ve gathered requirements. If the role sounds ideal, we’d love to hear from you.