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Making our neighbourhood better, one project at a time!

The CSI Institute has teamed up with Every One. Every Day. in London, England to share the Our Neighbourhood project. 

Our Neighbourhood Workshops and Project Starter Kits help you build practical projects in your neighbourhood, like planting trees or planning a community celebration. Each kit is focussed on practical project ideas, like planting trees or planning a community celebration. These projects enable neighbours to gather and learn from each other.

About Our Neighbourhood Workshops

Regent Park is a vibrant neighbourhood, with a rich diversity of people, languages, culture and skills. These workshops are all about learning practical and creative skills with your neighbours. They are easy to attend and designed by local people and organizations in Regent Park for everyone to participate in! 

Come and join your neighbours for a 6 week program of workshops where you can learn from each other online in your home or in-person with physical distance measures in place. 

Through November and December, there are workshops scheduled for you to take part in and enjoy something new in your community! This is a great opportunity to gain a new skill or explore a new hobby and meet other people. 

Workshop List

Our Neighbourhood Paints: A painting project where each person gets to create a unique piece of art that comes together to create a mosaic community mural! 

Our Neighbourhood Grows: Learn the basics of growing food right at home, without using soil or taking up too much space, using hydroponics

Our Neighbourhood Explores: A journaling exploration of your values and your community, using reflective activities, photography, found objects and innovative thinking

Our Neighbourhood Cooks: Learn to cook in big batches, sharing nutritious, delicious, and budget friendly recipes and ideas

Our Neighbourhood Plants: A community tree planting project, raising indigenous tree species from seed to plant in the local community 

Our Neighbourhood Learns: Practise fun skills and hobbies with your neighbours and share some of your own! 

The Program will run from Monday, November 2 until Friday Dec 11. Make sure you sign up to reserve your spot

Download the Our Neighbourhood Booklet now for more information!



Making our neighbourhood better, one project at a time.

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