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Ana Glazirin Profile Picture

Ana Glazirin

Accounts Payable Clerk

Born and raised in Moldova (yes, it’s a real country) Ana has experienced the freedom of running around in the fields of her grandparent’s village as well as the strictness of the (post) soviet machine. This taste for wild freedom and appreciation for clarity and structure are the two forces that still permeate her daily life.

They say an average person has seven careers in their lifetime. Here are a few of Ana’s so far: geese herding and guarding chickens from the foxes, waitressing and bartending, modelling, telemarketing, logistics, teaching, running a summer camp, web design, and hospitality and marketing consulting.

Ana loves to learn, so much so that after she got her degree in Language Teaching and Linguistics (speaking four-plus languages) she went back to school and picked whatever she liked to study just for fun. So if you have questions about Art & Architecture, Neurobiology, Nutrition, Ethics, Physiology, Business, or Statistics she probably remembers some of it.

Currently Ana works as an accounting payables clerk at CSI and in her spare time, she teaches lifestyle workshops, runs Potato Parcel Canada (yes, it’s a thing), and hustles with Airbnb. She likes working in accounting, as it is the base that allows the rest of the organization to take flight. She is happy to be contributing to the success of each individual and organization within CSI.