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Audra Williams

Content and Engagement Specialist

Audra connected to a local BBS in 1989, and got in her first internet argument 45 seconds later. As a miserable teen growing up in Oshawa, all she wanted was to be a writer who worked in a cool loft space in Toronto. So becoming CSI’s Content and Engagement Specialist is a daydream come true.

She has also worked as an ASL interpreter, a union advocate, and a political speechwriter. These jobs took her as far east as Annapolis Royal and as far west as Edmonton.

As a side-hustle, Audra has written about a prison farm in the Philippines, working conditions for cheerleaders, and sprained ankle enthusiasts who hang out on Twitter.

Finally, due to no fault of her own, Audra once had a short career as a child actor. Artistic highlights included playing Dragonslayer with the Littlest Hobo and getting mustard on Raul Julia’s brain.

Stories by Audra Williams

Venture for Canada is fostering the entrepreneurial mindset of young Canadians

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Social entrepreneurship 101: What is social entrepreneurship?


MakeRoom creates space for artists at CSI (and beyond)!

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MakeRoom Inc’s Space Project enables artists to submit their work to an online platform which then gets projected on to partner gallery windows at night. CSI is thrilled to have recently become one of the venues for this project! We love seeing our windows come alive with art at night.

Making social change and having fun doing it

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Our CEO Tonya Surman spoke at the 2020 Creative Bureaucracy Festival: “I like to try new things out and give things a shot and have as much wonderful people around me as possible co-creating these ideas and solutions because I guess we never really figured out that we couldn’t.”

Win a year of free access to Awake Labs!

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We talked to Awake Labs last spring, learning about their work helping adults who have an intellectual disability manage their daily stresses. Their mobile and wearable apps measure stress in real-time and send an alert for more timely, effective mental health support.

CSI member Brett Matthews makes sure digital currency leaves no one behind

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In most countries — Canada included! — our currency is easily differentiated by things like the colour and artwork of each bill or coin. But as the world moves away from cash and towards digital transactions, we are leaving behind approximately one billion illiterate and and innumerate (otherwise known as ‘oral’) adults who can’t read or write numbers.