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Gonzalo Duarte - Headshot

Gonzalo Duarte

Community Manager - CSI Annex

Gonzalo was born in Toronto and graduated from McMaster (Political Science), Waterloo (Peace & Conflict Studies), and Queen’s (Education) universities. His Master’s in Philanthropy & Nonprofit Leadership from Carleton University focused on standards of practice in global service learning experiences. He has published numerous articles, designed multi-media infographics, and facilitated dozens of learning exchange events around North America.

With a background in teaching, community service, leadership coordination, and social entrepreneurship, Gonzalo has been the executive director of Compañeros Inc | Global x Change since 2001. He has raised global citizenship, equity, and inclusion for 2,700 participants in 100 service learning programs and organized 200 education, health, housing, and water projects with 14 public and private partnerships that have benefitted 15,000 marginalized people in 8 countries.

As CSI Annex Manager, Gonzalo has the privilege of working with socially innovative individuals and organizations to facilitate the intersection of people, property, programs and processes in a fantastic place.