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Mishkin Cyr

New Membership Coordinator

Mishkin was born and raised in East Africa; he‘s lived in Uganda, Kenya, and Ethiopia where he developed a love for service, different cultures, and hard work. Strong communication, interpersonal skills and an ability to engage others enable him to foster effective and collaborative work relationships. Education and experience in business, tourism, outdoor adventure, sales and marketing have given him opportunities to work and learn from exceptional teams.

Diverse professional work has seen Mish working from tall ships teaching children to sail to working in the luxury auto industry. His volunteer work is often on a more personal level supporting others through difficult challenges and sharing his experience strength and hope. His ability to adapt to new situations and stress allow him to be a positive influence on those around him.

As a Community Animator, Mishkin’s current interest is in people and improving our communities on many fronts. He believes he can learn something important from everyone no matter their background or personality, and that when we really listen to someone’s stories and ideas, we will find common ground to grow. On a daily basis Mishkin’s goals are open mindedness, willingness and honesty.