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Shona Fulcher - Headshot

Shona Fulcher

Chief Community Officer

Shona joined CSI in 2010 after spending seven years learning the pathways of private sector finance. When the markets crashed in the wake of the mortgage crisis of the late 2000s she was faced with the age old question, “What do I want to be when I grow up?!” The answer was: “Someone who facilitates positive change in the world.” She has long had a soft-spot for the reluctant hero who, when faced with a wrong they can right, quietly pulls up their socks and builds the solutions we need, and catalyzing this is her calling. 

Shona comes to the work of social change from a family background of community involvement, to a degree in Peace in Conflict studies, a stint in cooperative housing, and some early formative work experience with the Ontario Child Welfare Training System all of which left her with an ironclad understanding that substantive change is not only possible but necessary. She brings the knowledge and experience from these sectors to the challenges of nurturing our ever-changing, world-shaking, change-making coworking community & spaces.

At CSI Shona is honoured to hold space for our incredible community of over 1000 changemaking organizations in our physical spaces and on our online platforms. Working with the incredible teams that stand toe to toe with our members facilitating the connections, knowledge, and supports to help our communities accelerate their impact in this world and together to co-create our Next Economy.